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What is Traffic Management

June 26 | Lee Vossen

Traffic Management can be a maze of confusion to come up with the correct answer to solve all your, and road authorities’ expectations. We will take a look at the foundations of traffic management over a six part series. This information aims to sift through some of the complex web to a complete solution for all.

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Series 1

Below is a quick overview on how to assess traffic management from a helicopter view and understand its detail.

The fundamental question that drives all temporary traffic management design is;

“What are the outcomes of Temporary Traffic Management”?

Safety vs Flow Principle

Traffic Management organisations have two primary customers, the client and the road user. It is our responsibility to ensure we create a safe place of work for the client, and the road user, however the road user’s end game is often flow. This overall philosophy is what traffic management aims to balance. The issue lies with safety and flow often working against each other!

Safety for the workers and the travelling public is always the aim, however it is often threatened with aggressive drivers reacting to the impact of their daily commute. At its core, to make it safe we must eliminate the traffic, this is primarily done via a Road Closure. This is not always possible, nor reliable as many of us have had traffic breach the closure.

What many worker forget is that during a road closure they are still exposed to live traffic, their own works vehicles moving within the site.

In summary, to achieve safety we have to take space. Taking space disrupts flow. The two key objectives of traffic management or more often then not in conflict with each other. Balance between risk and productivity is ever present.

In the next series we will take a look at the script that all traffic management uses to deliver its message to the road to enhance safety for all and begin to construct the process that can contribute to trying to solve this puzzle.

Until then be safe.